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Hunting for a Hunt?

What kind of hunting do you like? Here at Hanging Rocks, we've got it all. We offer wild, guided quail hunts, continental pheasant hunts, guided turkey hunts, trophy deer hunting, a dove club, and a trophy deer club. Hanging Rocks is ready to help you by having the hunt of a lifetime.

Hanging Rocks Plantation uses Meadows Edge Deer Fuel to grow our trophy deer. Meadows Edge Deer Fuel is designed to give your deer all the right nutrients. Meadows Edge Deer Fuel does not only promote growth in horns and size, but also healthy deer. 

Trophy Deer Club


At Hanging Rocks Plantation, we take pride in growing the best deer. Join our trophy deer club to experience hunting your trophy deer. Also, enjoy getting to know our members, who share the same passion for hunting.

Wild Quail Hunting

Hanging Rocks Plantation stands out for our wild quail hunts. Quail hunting at Hanging Rocks Plantation is a hunt you will want to keep coming back for. Our cubbies of quail are full and we have top of the line hunting dogs.

Each hunt, we ensure you will have a spectacular time while hunting our wild quail. Book today, while slots are still available for the next season.



Hanging Rocks Plantation is known for our once in a lifetime wild quail hunts. Above this picture is one of our guides, Noah Jenkins. Hanging Rocks Plantation provides the best guide services to ensure a safe, fun, and unforgettable hunt. 


Going on a wild quail hunt at Hanging Rocks Plantation is an unforgettable experience. Our guides and hunting dogs do a remarkable job of making sure the hunt goes as perfectly as possible. Make sure to book a quail hunt and you will not be disappointed!


Continental Pheasant 


Hanging Rocks Plantation offers continental pheasant hunting.

Our Pheasant shoots are one of a kind, as a hunter experiences waiting for the pheasants to emerge from the pheasent tower. 

Pheasant hunting is a luxury hunt Hanging Rocks Plantioin proudly host.



Top Of The Line 

Turkey Hunting


Hanging Rocks Plantation offers guided turkey hunts. For more information please be sure to call us. 

Hanging Rocks Plantation is beyond blessed with turkeys. Hanging Rocks Plantation proudly hosts the Masters of Spring each ear, which invites terminally ill children to hunt wit celebrity hunters on the outdoor channel. If you are interested in this event, please reach out to see how you can be involved to make a difference. 


Dove Club


Hanging Rocks Plantation is known for its busy dove shoots every season. Make sure to see if a slot is available for our extraordinary dove club.

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